Monday, October 20, 2014

Map Your Intonation With This Chart

Sheet #1 . Click for larger image

This Google Docs spreadsheet is meant to be used over 4 weeks, but you could easily modify it to fit your needs. The reason behind the decision to divide in 4 weeks is because it's in my experience the perfect amount of time to reveal whether or not you've made any improvement. Shorter and you would probably not see much of a change, longer and you wouldn't get frequent enough feedback to improve.

The document is divided in 3 sheets as follows:

- The first one is an overview of actual note intonation data which is color coded depending on whether they're flat, sharp or within acceptable range, and a small chart overview.

- Sheet #2 is one big and beautiful chart that gives you an instant representation of your intonation tendencies.

- The last sheet is for printing purposes only. If you'd prefer to write down the tuner readings, rather than entering them directly in the spread sheet, print this sheet and write down the tuner's readings, then transfer this data to your Google Drive spreadsheet.

Click here for the spreadsheet on Google Docs. Then simply make a copy for yourself.

Saxophone intonation chart sheet 2 - big graph
Sheet #2. Click for larger image

Saxophone intonation chart sheet 3 - printable page for manual entry
Sheet #3. Click for larger image



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