Saturday, September 13, 2014

Practice Resources: Books, Websites & More

Here is a collection of the books that have helped me the most over the years, as a beginner, intermediate and still developing musician. Also listed are blogs & websites that feature some helpful articles/posts and/or are being regularly updated with new content.


A Complete Approach to Sound for the Modern Saxophonist

A Complete Approach to Overtones: Vivid Tone and Extended Range

The Jazz Theory Book

Elements of the Jazz Language for the Developing Improvisor

Saxophone Manual: Choosing, Setting Up and Maintaining a Saxophone

Comprehensive Technique for Jazz Musicians: For All Instruments (Jazz Book)


Ben Britton's Everything Saxophone

Kelly Bucheger's HarderBop

Davide Valdez' CasaValdez

Ethan Iverson's Do The Math

Matt Otto's Free Jazz Lessons

Mark Flemming's Stuff Sax

Matt Stohrer's Blog & YouTube channel.


The Woodwind Fingering Guide



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